Nairobi, Kenya

Teenage singer studying technique of recording and of methods for music promotion.

H.D. Cooke Elementary School, Washington, D.C.

Piano study for pupil with Howard University teacher.

Creative Spark, Charleston, S.C.

Summer camp music program for young resident of Snowden community.

Past and Current Music Programs

Carolina Studios, Charleston, S.C.

Joined Hootie and the Blowfish Foundation in supporting start-up and ongoing operations of Carolina Studios bringing music education and music technology opportunities to underserved youth.

Creative Spark, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

Joined with Creative Spark in sponsoring "artists in residence" programs with visiting musicians teaching music segments in selected public schools, e.g. dulcimer, harmonicas, wooden flutes, and funded summer scholarships for children in in Mt. Pleasant’s Snowden community.

Horizons@Maret, Washington, D.C.

Introduced music instruction, provided instruments and funded instructor salaries as part of a summer outreach program for economically-challenged youth, operated by Horizons@Maret.

Julian Mitchell Elementary School, Charleston, S.C.

Developed with the Housing Authority of the City of Charleston an after-school music program, funding instruments and teacher.

Sarah Green Community Center, Charleston, S.C.

Sponsored with the Charleston Housing Authority a summer program for students in Mitchell School's after-school music classes. With Oscar Rivers directing.

H.D. Cooke Elementary School, Washington, D.C.

Started school's music program, provided instruments, and funded concerts for underserved children. Teachers have included Carolyn Sweterlitsh and Eugene Branch.

Sanders-Clyde Elementary and Middle School, Charleston, S.C.

Funded with the Charleston Housing Authority an after-school strings ensemble and a jazz group.

Brookland Manor Theater and Music Studio, Washington, D.C.

Funded a music program for young musicians living in a subsidized housing complex, with James Cunningham as music director.

Wraggsborough Community Center, Charleston, S.C.

Partnered with the Charleston Housing Authority to fund music as part of the summer camp program.

Marion Strobel Community Center, Charleston, S.C.

Initiated musical education program in conjunction with the Charleston Recreation and Housing Departments and Yo Art Project.

Wraggsborough Community Center, Charleston, S.C.

Cooperated with Housing Authority of the City of Charleston and the Department of Juvenile Justice to introduce music instruction as a positive force and a deterrent to anti-social behavior, as taught by Rachel Dowling.

Seacoast Church Dream Center, North Charleston, S.C.

Developed a pilot program focusing on keyboard.

South Carolina Maritime Foundation, Charleston, S.C.

Provided a summer music program for ninth graders, with Fred Hudson as instructor.

Liberty Hill Academy, North Charleston, S.C.

Provided musical instruments and equipment for classes taught by Carolyn Antley.

Metanioa, North Charleston, S.C.

Provided music training as part of the after-school curriculum at Metanoia, Fred Hudson as instructor. During the summer, Mr. Hudson continued the music classes at Children's Defense Fund's Freedom School, for which Metanoia was the recipient of a federal grant to provide children with a full-fledged summer educational program.

Accabee Community Center, North Charleston, S.C.

Partnered with the North Charleston Recreation Department to introduce percussion training during the neighborhood summer camp, later extended to Saturday classes during the school year.